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Our mission at the Boutique is to give a ‘’second life’’ to all furniture and decorative accessories, by giving them a facelift and by giving them a new look, we recycle goods that would normally be thrown in the landfill.  Not only is relooked furniture very trendy, ecological and unique, it is economically affordable for the majority of people.  Most of the vintage furniture is very sturdy, solid and more resistant then the brand new furniture sold on the market today.

Boutique Vert Lime’s History and Biography

Since her early childhood, Chantale has had a passion to relook furniture, by experimenting with her own bedroom set, which was painted many different colours over the years.  Having a passion for art and drawing, she graduated in 1991 with a degree in Publications/Graphics.  In 1998, as relooking was still a passion, Chantale has a diploma in Interior Design, with plans on opening her own business transforming furniture.  Unfortunately, her dreams were put on hold until 2011, when she decided that she would leave her present employer and follow her heart and open up the business of her dreams.  With no external financing or grants, Chantale opened her Boutique with the help of friends and family, an official grand opening was on October 15, 2011.

At the Boutique, we are a family and treat our clients with love and respect.  That is why this Boutique is full of positive energy and our door is always open and everyone is welcome.

Boutique Vert Lime

Boutique Vert Lime

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